Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Some completed gremlins for your viewing pleasure!!

So here we are, I thought if throw up some pics of my completed models.
I would ask you to bear in mind, I'm colour blind to a massive degree if something doesn't look right then leave a comment I'll endeavour to fix it 

Untill next time gremlins unite!

Welcome and please be nice......

Welcome one and all!

My name is Andy aka Generalbear, I'm hobbyist of 25 years, but fell through the breach into malifaux just a few months back thanks to my gaming group and good friends playing.

I've always been a painter and a modeller but malifaux made me change that.

This blog is a a log of my painting and gaming exploits on malifaux

This was prompted by kris and Chris on the chasing bacon podcast. It's a podcast that deals with the only true faction in malifaux.........Gremlins

Check out the pod cast, it's well worth a listen